Australian Tick borne diseases


How to help

By learning about Paediatric Tick borne diseases and how the pathogens involved affect our children, their behaviours and ability to learn and make friends and function in todays society. Read enough so that you can recognise a child with these diseases and get them to the right place for help.

Misdiagnsosis is common

Tick borne diseases are great imitators of Psychiatric disorders and other neurological diseases.  

Symptomologies and Diagnosis may include ADD and ODD, depression, psychosis, anger and rage disorders, sleep disorders, emotional lability, social withdrawal, OCD, bladder control issues, anxiety, dark circles under the eye, Pyroluria, arthritis, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome - many vaired sores and rashes, sinus and allergy problems, asthma, Bells Palsy, severe acne and more ...


Do you know of a child  who needs to be assessed?
Please contact the Karl McManus Foundation Australia's national body for Tick borne diseases.


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