Welcome. Please join with us and know that your work will help build a brighter future for all Australians with Tick borne diseases . . . 


We are currently seeking volunteers to improve both our Image and our online visibility as the National Australian Charity for Tick borne diseases: To develop an advertising campaign for Queensland. If successful your work could become part of the National Campaign. This would look great in your CV.  

We have both Public Liability Insurance and Volunteer Insurance


Bunnings BBQ

Thanks to Bunnings we hold 2 BBQ's each year and they really make a difference to our Research Fund.  


We would love to see a few Gentlemen manning the BBQ with us Ladies.  Call me old fashioned!  


Personally I like lots of onion and all the sauces . . . 

National Gladiolus Day
Sept 16th

This is a very special day for us, because as we Fundraise for Research we also remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed from the disease.


We hold a stand at the Kawana Waters Shopping Centre and sell our Lovely Gladioli Badges and other merchandise to bring us just that bit closer to securing the Australian Blood Tests for Lyme like Disease.

Woolworths Sausage Sizzle

Thank you Woolworths for your wonderful Sausage Sizzles, we love them and our local community loves them too.


Our Kids for Life Tee Shirts & Caps have arrived in time for our Sausage Sizzle in March and I must say they look lovely. 


Mens and Womens are very different styles and a comfortable fit.


All embroidery done by DesignWrite 



Meet our Evie
a little lymie* 

Every Australian Child deserves a chance at a great life and you can help this to happen.


Please know that your commitment to Kids for Life will have its own rewards as well as the benefits of friendships & outings to celebrate our small victories.  


The funds we raise will have direct benefits for local communities.   For more information please telephone 0478 129 770 to find out what it means to your community.


I look forward very much to meeting you.  Lesley McLeod


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