There is a great urgency in Australia today for medical recognition and treatment of tick borne diseases.  People are suffering. These pathogens are on the rise worldwide and Australia needs to identify the endemic pathogens, causing disease and disability in our society and to our loved ones.


Because of a lack of Medical Education & Community Awareness 20,000 Australians will become infected with one or more Tick Borne Diseases each year and will go untreated allowing these stealth infections to proliferate and rob those infected of their personalities and abilities. 


These people are destined to become Disability Pensioners and the sad part is that it doesn’t have to be this way.


Early detection and treatment means a CURE!




The Karl McManus Foundation is Australia's National Body for Tick borne diseases and is working tirelessly to fund the research that will provide accurate blood tests to identify our indigenous Tick borne diseases. Kids for Life Queensland is the Queensland branch of the Foundation which aims to develop a Schools Program Initiative with Education Queensland, providing accurate & accountable information to Students, Parents and Teachers. 


If your family enjoys the Great Outdoors - you have a cat or dog that goes outside - enjoy bush walking or hiking on trails in our National Parks, frequent areas where roos and wild birds feed; then you too will have a need to see the Research at the KMF Tick borne Diseases Unit of the Sydney University come to fruition quickly.  


With 20,000 people becoming infected each year the need for accurate blood tests for Australia's Tick borne Diseases is urgent. 






Queensland is a hot spot for Australian Lyme Like Disease



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