Australian Lyme Like Disease will infect 20,000 Australian Families each year

Become a volunteer and be a part of a Wonderful Group of people that are raising funds for the Research at the Tick borne Diseases Unit of the Sydney University.


This is the research that will save thousands of children from chronic disease and save entire families from untreated  Tick borne Diseases.


Together we can help Bridge the Gap in the provision of Health Care to Australians with Tick borne Diseases.


These Australians are the forgotten ones, their disease goes on without recognition, without medical help - Without Hope. And No one should be forgotten.


Together we can build a brighter future for all Australians and become a part of the legacy that will ensure a future free of Chronic Tick borne diseases for 20,000 Australian Families each year.


Would you like to fundraise for a Wonderful Charity and be a part of an amazing legacy to Humanity
Educators helping Children with Australian Lyme Like Disease

Paediatric Tick borne diseases Information Packs are now available for Educators and Medical Practitioners.  


Learn about the Neurological and Cognitive challenges of students with Australian Tick borne diseases as well as the impact upon a child's health and ability to perform.


Does your student have a learning disability or suffer from behavioural problems, oppositional defiant disorder, mood swings or situated on the Autism Spectrum Disorder? These are but a few of the presentations that we see in Paediatric Tick borne diseases.








Students have Networking skills second to none!


And we would love to work with you!


How would you like to be a part of one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the 21st Century? 


Help us raise the funds to improve Australian Testing for Tick Borne Diseases and you will save thousands of your fellow Australians from a life of disease, disability and despair. 


The future will be brighter because of YOU!


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