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Australia's Tick borne disease Awareness Month is September
Our National Emblem is the Green Gladioli



We come together to raise Community Awareness of Australia's Tick borne diseases and to provide ongoing support to those families that are affected and to raise the vital funding necessary for our biomedical research at the Tick borne diseases Unit at the Sydney University, Discipline of Pharmacology, under Dr Ann Mitrovic.


Our research aims to isolate the causative agents involved in Australia's tick borne disease crisis which will ultimately lead to new diagnostic tests being made available for Local Doctors.  KMF Research is very close to finding this answer but we just need the funds to get it to the next stage.

Ahead of the Game:

Recently, Gofton et al. (2016) reported 16S rRNA sequences of a novel “Australian” Borrelias species. in Both rioroton concolor and an Ixodes holocyclus feeding on echidnas that are suggestive of a unique Australian Borrelia species.


Through the KMF Tick borne diseases research Unit we report the presence of this Australian Borrelia spp. in ticks from echidnas on the South Coast of NSW, as well as the first example of a Borrelia species -positive Ixodes holocyclus feeding on a human. Furthermore, we provide evidence of active co-infection of established and emerging Rickettsia spp. and Australian Borrelia species in both riocroton ticks. Additionally, we provide the first phylogenetic analysis of the Australian Borrelia spp. based on 23S rRNA sequence

Our research is stepping us closer to producing a diagnostic blood test.  But we need your donations to see this to fruition.  


Tick borne diseases have been spreading through our society unchecked for too long. It is time to give these devastating pathogens the attention they deserve and help bring health to tens of thousands of Australians infected each year - and we need your help.


It is because of your donations that our foundation can accomplish the research needed to secure the new blood tests that will detect  the tick borne diseases currently infecting Australian families.


September 16 is our National Gladioli Day. 

Please show your support today and make a donation to the Karl McManus Foundation Research Fund.

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